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  1. Video: How James Patrick incoporates the MP2015 into his live setup

    Video: How James Patrick incoporates the MP2015 into his live setup
    Rane had the privilege to meet and work with James Patrick at Seattle's Decibel festival in 2013. Not only is James an exceptional producer, clinician, and teacher of all things electronic, he's also just a great guy. Residing out of Minnesota, Minneapolis, James is founder of the SlamAcademy, Timefrog Recordings and The Great Magnet. He's also a Dubspot instructor, curator...
  2. wrapping up

    wrapping up
    Rane have introduced many innovative DJ products over the years, culminating in the 2012 release of the Rane Sixty-Two mixer for Serato Scratch Live. Both instrument and DJ skill have advanced exponentially since 1965. For almost 30 years, DJ artists have chosen innovative Rane instruments to advance their art. The goal of our involvement in DJ product development has always...
  3. twenty tantalizing turntable tidbits

    twenty tantalizing turntable tidbits
    Turntables have a long and rich history. Instead of writing a novel about our beloved friend, we wanted to share a few interesting facts that can help you strike up conversations with fellow Rane DJs. Do you know where the term "rewind" comes from? Read on to learn about this and other fascinating turntable facts. 1. The phonograph was built...
  4. the ultimate performance mixer

    the ultimate performance mixer
    In 2012, Rane, in cooperation with Serato Audio Research, introduced the Sixty-Two mixer for Serato Scratch Live, completing the full integration of Serato Scratch Live software and performance mixer. The Sixty-Two is the definitive plug-and-play digital turntablist mixer with the following features: First mixer with Dual USB ports for simple DJ changeoverInternal 20-channel USB 2.0 sound cardUltra low latency Core...
  5. an integrated solution

    an integrated solution
    As mentioned in our previous post, DJs wanted Serato Scratch Live and software controls built into a Rane mixer. Rane introduced the TTM57SL for Serato Scratch Live in 2006. It was the first 2-channel turntablist mixer with integrated USB sound-card and software controls. The bullet list of special features reads like a combination of everything we had learned in previous...
  6. History of the Hamster Switch

    History of the Hamster Switch
    The term ‘Hamster switch’ is the original name used for the fader reverse function built into almost every scratch mixer sold today. Interesting name, don’t you think? Have you ever wondered how and where the hamster switch idea originated and who coined the term? Can you imagine a professional scratch mixer without one? Hamster Style! “I thought it meant having...
  7. Rane’s first turntablist mixer

    Rane’s first turntablist mixer
    Rane’s first venture into Hip-Hop was in 1998 with the introduction of the TTM54 Turntablist Mixer. The mixer was the result of some enthusiastic DJs approaching Rane at an AES show in New York and asking if we were interested in helping them build the ultimate Turntablist mixer. It sounded like an interesting project so Rane National Sales Manager, Jack...
  8. MP 24 revolutionizes dj mixer

    MP 24 revolutionizes dj mixer
    Second in our series of articles highlighting key milestones in Rane product development driven by the DJ community, we have the legendary MP 24 mixer. Rane first entered the DJ mixer market at the request of Richard Long of Richard Long & Associates (RLA). Richard Long was a famous sound designer for the biggest names in disco. He designed systems...
  9. in the beginning

    in the beginning
    I was thinking about the complexities of a project I worked on recently when it occurred to me how different what I’m designing today is from my first DJ product, the TTM54. And that got me thinking about how different DJ performance is today compared to when I designed my first mixer. It is astonishing how much both equipment and...

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